After Society Collapses Into Varying Forms of Chaos, the Initial Period of ‘Adjustment’ may Result in Loss of Life Never Before Seen

The United States has been considered the global super power.., with much of the world relying on it’s leadership — but so were the Romans, French, Mesopotamians — and look what happened to them… We are, and have been.., living in a world filled with wars and uprisings, hunger and poverty, declining natural resources and an attitude of invincibility — for quite some time. We already know, that “”those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” So, if and when the house of cards comes tumbling down, we cannot and should not be surprised. Maybe we are not as sophisticated as we think!

Do you do all you can to survive? Unfortunately as a human race we have proven we will sink pretty low to maintain the luxuries we have. So if you plan go the moral high ground, then it will be a hard road traveled. You can take the low road to cheat, steal, and kill to survive. But will you be able to live with yourself? A question like that can’t be answered until the worst is to happen.

After society collapses into varying forms of chaos, the initial period of ‘adjustment’ may result in loss of life never before seen. The scenario truly is one of collapse.

Our modern conveniences and our modern lifeblood of technologies break down to the extent of inability to provide for the masses who depend on them.

The world has just ended. Societies have collapsed. The government has fallen. What is the first thing you are going to do? You are going to read this article on how to survive a collapse of civilization and social order, of course!

The truth is that no one really knows how to survive such an ordeal. Sure, governments rise and fall. Riots happens. Social order decays for brief periods of time. But in our modern history there really hasn’t been huge collapses of entire civilizations. So no expert can properly say how you can survive such a thing. It all depends how people react. However, history of mankind has given brief glimpses on how people react when even small governments and countries fall, which can give us a clue on how to survive a large-scale collapse of civilization.

This article provides information on how to best prepare for the apocalypse.

SHTF Hypotheticals:

– Many or most aren’t showing up for work
– Manufacturing has slowed to a crawl or even stopped
– Supply chains of distribution have been severely disrupted
– Financial collapse as markets react
– Shortages of everything
– Skirmishes, violent reactions
– Majority runs out of life sustaining food and clean water
– Period of Die-off

As the interim phase transpires and transitions from collapse and chaos to survival and rebuild, there will be uniques sets of sought after skills.

These may fall under categories which include:

– Health
– Food
– Water
– Shelter
– Energy
– Security
– Infrastructure

The truth is people don’t prepare for emergencies as well as they should. You may have a small first aid kit, food for a few weeks, and enough batteries for that one flashlight that barely works a month. When society collapses, so do the laws. Which means anything goes.

  • Scavenge for supplies. Since there are no laws, thievery is something that will be needed to survive. This will be the first thing that most people will do. They will head to places like grocery stores, drug stores, etc. to obtain supplies by any means necessary. Be careful taking a car though! It could easily be stolen. Even during minor riots people go looting. Imagine how it will be like when society collapses.
  • Arm yourself. When society collapses there will be no police that will protect you or your family. If you don’t have a firearm, you will need to find one, with lots of ammo. It sounds brutal, but history has shown that people kill for less things than the survival of ones self. So obviously they would kill for some food or gas. You don’t need just a gun either. Most anything can be used to protect yourself.
  • Gasoline. Many places around the world are heavily dependent on gasoline. We use it primarily to get around in our vehicles. Once society collapses, that stuff will be hard to come by. Most times you won’t have a stockpile of gas on hand, unlike food or medicine. So unless you ration how much you use, then you will want to get your hands on some gas when possible.

What do you choose to go for first? That is for you to decide. It depends what happened to cause the collapse of civilization, how easy it is to get some these supplies, etc.

There will be specific needs demanding specific skills. Some may be more in demand than others. A few years ago I had put out a poll which asked MSB readers for their opinion.

I recently looked at that resulting list again and have captured some of the more popular skill sets for your information:


Listed in order of popularity

1. Medical & Healthcare, Doctors
2. Agricultural, Farming
3. Water infrastructure, Wells, Pumps, Sanitation
4. Food Preservation
5. Dentistry
6. Carpentry, Handyman
7. Alternative Energy
8. Blacksmith
9. Gunsmith & Reloading
10. Livestock, Animal Husbandry
11. Security, Tactical
12. Foraging, Horticulture
13. Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Butcher
14. Mechanic, Welding
15. Sewing, Clothes Making, Cobbler


One can sure start thinking about lots of additional skills for post SHTF survival. So lets talk about that. Do you agree with the list above? Would you add to it or change the order? Other skills that would be especially advantageous or in demand during such a time?

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