America is poised to descend into a ” Season in Hell “, a life or death struggle between the evil Left and the Virtuous Right

The United States of America is rapidly descending into chaos and anarchy, which, as we know from history, leads inevitably either to civil war or dictatorship.

It has never been more blue sky clear at this moment in our history, that the United States has, over the past 25 years, become two distinctly different nations, bitterly and involuntarily coexisting within one set of national borders.

Approximately half of Americans are in the grip of Satanic evil, hell bent on destroying everything good and virtuous America has ever stood for.

The other half is conservative, wistfully longing for a return to the America they remember from 55 years ago.

The conservative, nationalist half wants peace, prosperity, virtue and justice.

The liberal, Globalist half wants violent upheaval, chaos and anarchy, to literally overturn the duly elected government, and create conditions that bring a civil war the Left Wing fantasies about winning, or a demand evoked from fear, for a dictatorship to restore their Marxist brand of order.

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America is poised to descend into a ” Season in Hell “, a life or death struggle between the evil Left and the Virtuous Right, for control of our once divinely inspired Republic.

Unless those loyal to the Trump administration, and those not loyal to Trump, but loyal to our Constitution and the 240 years of liberty, justice and virtue choose to rise up and vigorously defend America, and do so NOW,
our nation will be doomed to a season in Hell, with civil war determining our future or acquiesce to the Satanic and fanatical attacks by the Marxist Left, will bring a Leftist, Globalist dictatorship subservient to the United Nations, that will make the 8 year nightmare of the Obama administration look like a day at the beach in comparison.

The battle for the Hearts and Minds of America has begun amid constant chaos, daily scandals, allegations and false claims, lies, fake stories… As the world continues to say, more and more every day; Is the America,  who everyone once admired and envied, really that stupid?!?!

We, the People of the United States Of America are truly living in a state Intellectual Dysfunction. William Gaddis once said: “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of Ignorance”.

Cultivating the uneducated, poorly educated and undereducated is not new in Authoritarian regimes…it’s called “Indoctrination” of the masses!…and the younger the better!

Constitutional Conservatives and Christians, are you going to continue to sit on you hands, and allow the Sons of Satan to rule, or are you going to stand up, resist and oppose evil, and FIGHT once again for the right to be free?

May God bless America, and may he convince the “silent majority to rise up and retake this nation from the bloody and evil jaws of the Globalist Left! It is almost too late. Get involved and fight for liberty – Now.

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  1. This statement; “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of Ignorance” should be state as such, “Stupidity is the end degree of a deliberate cultivation of ignorance”.
    None the less this was a great article.

  2. Yes a battle that we could of avoided but embraced it and even promoted it by eliminating the Ten Commandments and embracing sin on a massive scale , thru God out of every thing consented bringing in evil as replacement and now we’ll the punishment is upon us just look up we have become bugs that need to be sprayed also this increase of 5G to fry are brains and become real zombies , remember who reads this the chastisements have to equal the sins of the USA and world and then the weeping and gnashing of teeth even the minions who did this and enforced it , answer to prepare for this forget prepping or gold bend the knees and neck now do not wait for it will come quickly ! Lord on mercy on those who did care

  3. YOU ARE BLIND,america DOES NOT WANT TO BE FREE,they want a DICTATOR,namely OBAMA,the son of perdition,GOD has granted america its wish,TRUMP will be gone soon,and the WORSE DICTATOR IN HISTORY will become the leader of america,THE PEOPLE will be killed in mass by their hero’s the police gangs and military…WHAT your watching is the STUPIDEST country on earth desend into destruction,all the ALPHA MALES were put into prison,and the whores put in charge,This will ALL change soon,as most of the people will be killed in the WAR,the kids will be taken into Slavery in other countries,and the ones who survive will be in chinese work camps,TILL they die,its the new american way,death or hell…or both….you’ve been warned.ITS COMING

  4. Wow, This is great, everyone (but Gregory) is in agreement that God is the answer or the Judgment. But to please Gregory, I am willing to go away, in the Rapture, before things get bad bad.

  5. Mayor’s, Chiefs of Police, Police, Sheriffs, Deputies, DOJ, they are not doing their job. Communities contract with Law Enforcement to safeguard our constitutional rights and enforcement of law and order. If they don’t do their job then the community has the right to fire them a get new law enforcement. Or do it themselves.

    The writers need to understand that the citizens can’t go rogue without being shut down. You have to have leadership involved to take physical action to force people to stop.

    The hurry do something writers need to look in the mirror before yelling at their readers, we all know we need to do something, but we will not take physical action until local government fails permanently. Will it be too late? Probably, but when you don’t have any other choice at that time then you understand it’s time to get physical.

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