Many Americans Don’t Know Basic Facts: Liberty is Not Freedom

Liberty is Not Freedom

None of the following are my words, they come from the video entitled “Admiralty Law” which I watched a while back and I recommend others do likewise.

Hopefully the reader will give due consideration to the merits or otherwise, of the points that are made here rather than get angry at me, a non American.

Under admiralty law liberty is not freedom.

Liberty is given by a ruler to a subject of the state.

A sailor gets liberty when the captain chooses to give it to him therefore he is not free.

The statue of liberty is a female and under aldmiralty law; all females are ships which are commanded by a captain therefore the people of the US do not have freedom they only have liberties.

A dog a has liberty when we take it for a walk on a lead. At no time is the dog free to go where and when it wishes to go.

A prisoner gets liberty for good behaviour when he is allowed out of the cell and into the court yard under guard by snipers, or when they are let out of the prison when released on a good behaviour bond or on bail.

Liberty is a licence. We are given liberty when we are granted a license. A licence is only a permit for us to do something that is otherwise illegal.
When we obtain a license we are not free because we submit to the jurisdiction of the licence giver by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the licence, which are determined by the licence giver.

Because, as it seems to me, Americans use the word liberty more than people from other countries, I hope they consider the points made and not get angry at the messenger and consider using only the word freedom when they are talking about un restricted freedom to what every they want that does not harm another.

I just think this important for people to know and understand because as far as I know, and I could be wrong, the word liberty is contained within the Americian Constitution when perhaps, after reading the foregoing, Americiams might now beleive the word freedom should be used intead.

I hope Americans will in the future restrict the use the word liberty to situations when they are talking about limited degrees of freedom.

In my view,

  • Freedom is an assessment of one’s ability to conduct personal affairs independently without external restriction, encumbrance, hindrance, or restraint.
  • Liberty is a state of normalized, collective freedom moderated by government constituted for the purpose.

These descriptions attempt to succinctly account for the subtleties of these beautiful, but somewhat idealized concepts. When they are fully considered, strange and seemingly contradictory effects are observed:

  • Freedom must include the ability to choose bondage according to desire or conviction. Freedom may include any dimension of personal existence (e.g. legal, moral, financial, philosophical, spiritual).
  • Liberty, though constituted to ensure freedom of all, must limit the freedom of one to protect the freedom of another (e.g. – Liberty is violated when one kills another without ‘due cause’. Likewise, Liberty is defaced when its laws allow one person to deprive another of personal freedom against their will).

In summary:

Freedom is a subjective, personal state of affairs.

Liberty is a collective state of affairs where the freedom of the collective is paramount; even to the extent of limiting individual freedom to ensure the greatest freedom for the collective.

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