How to Prepare for the Inevitable American Gun Ban

A full gun ban in the United States is inevitable. Any honest reading of the cultural, legal, and demographic trends in the United States will confirm this thesis– the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall be infringed, and we will lose our firearms.

Many of you are rightfully rejecting my premise and doing so on solid intellectual ground: the 2nd Amendment, the Heller decision, the rise of concealed carry, the election of Trump, and the power of the NRA. These are formidable weapons in the fight to retain our rights. Yet, ultimately, we will lose the fight because this isn’t your grandfather’s America anymore.

The ban will be gradually implemented, popularly supported, and “legal”. You will have a choice to make– obey the law or become a felon. That decision will change your relationship with the government permanently. If you comply, you risk exposure to crime and unlawful government force. If you resist, you will become an outlaw. This article seeks to prepare you for that fateful day.

The Culture is Changing, Permanently

The fountainhead of Western Civilization is the Judeo-Christian worldview. This ethical foundation of natural law, including the right of self-defense, recognizes inalienable rights bestowed upon men by God. The Judeo-Christian ethic was revealed to man through the Hebrew Bible and forms a belief system that acknowledges God’s authority over the state and the body of law. As long as the king is subordinate to God, the law will reflect His character and His principles, including the right to lawful self-defense.

Biblical Christianity No Longer Forms American World View

But Biblical Christianity no longer forms the world view of the American people. The State has assumed God’s rightful role as the source of truth, and as a result the law has become disconnected from its founding principles. The leftist political indoctrination that passes for education in our society confirms this secular world view in the minds of an ignorant populous. In short, there is no longer a consensus around the principles that support the rights of an armed populace; the foundations have been destroyed. We are already in the minority.

Secularization/Multiculturalism of Our Culture

The increasing secularization of our culture (or its evil twin– “multiculturalism”) are bringing our laws into alignment with the body of law seen across the rest of the world. Guns are heavily controlled or outright banned in every major civilization, from the Islamic world to the Far East and from South America to Europe and Australia. No society that has adopted a secular or non-Christian world view retains the right to bear arms. In these societies firearms are managed in the same manner as illegal narcotics. As our society adopts these secular ethics, our laws will go the same way.

The Post-Constitutional Legal Environment

The Second Amendment will provide diminishing protection as the judiciary and citizenry ignore the plain language of the Constitution. While the recent Heller decision was encouraging, we remain only one Supreme Court vote away from a reversal of that decision. Imagine if Hillary had won the last election, replaced Scalia with another Ginsburg, and then had had the opportunity to replace two more justices. That death blow was only avoided by the thinnest of margins in 2016. Can we depend on the Electoral College in 2020 or 2024 to protect the RKBA from an activist judiciary forever?

Constitutional Language Never Prevented Infringement

Sadly, the plain language of our Constitution has never fully prevented infringement, if the courts and society are willing to selectively ignore the Bill of Rights. To wit:

  1. The last declared war in accordance with Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution was World War II. Since then we have been involved in endless war across the globe.
  2. The powers of the U.S. Supreme Court are listed in Article III, Section 2. There is no mention of the courts judging the constitutionality of laws and regulations in Article III of the U.S. Constitution. This has been the gateway to “evolving interpretation” of the law, which allows for grossly unconstitutional provisions to be perpetuated in “case law” or precedent. The English language doesn’t require “interpretation”, and yet the entire judicial system has been corrupted by this insidious process. New constitutional “rights” (i.e. abortion, separation of church and state) are created, and enumerated rights are ignored or “reinterpreted”.
  3. The 4th Amendment clearly prohibits the warrantless, unreasonable seizure of property, and yet “civil asset forfeiture” is a widely accepted practice among police departments.
  4. During World War II, the U.S. government rounded up ethnic Japanese citizens of the United States en masse and interned them in prison camps without charges, trial, or justification.

Our constitutional “rights” are only as good as our willingness to insist upon their preeminence and enforcement. Clearly, Americans are comfortable with “unconstitutional” when it suits their purposes. This will only get worse.

Shall Not Be Infringed?

Despite the plain language of the 2nd Amendment, including “shall not be infringed”, we are buried in Federal gun laws and have been since the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1934. The years that followed have seen the passage of the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, The Gun Control Act of 1968, the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 1986, the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, among others. We now accept as part of “shall not be infringed” a mountain of non-statutory Federal regulations via the BATFE and other agencies of the Federal government. No other “constitutional right” is subject to so narrow an interpretation as the 2nd Amendment. By what future mechanism would this trend be reversed? What future Congress will repeal these laws?

The Unthinkable Premise

The primary purposes of the 2nd Amendment was as a bulwark against the establishment of tyrannical government, a citizen’s veto. Let us put it in the simplest terms: the founding fathers sought to guarantee American’s ability to fight a future government. This could only be accomplished by the armed citizenry (the militia) shooting those who would violate the inalienable rights of the citizens.

How does that premise sound rolling off the tongue in 2018? The majority of our citizens view such an idea as a relic of the past at best, or seditious, at worst. Do you think such a view is widely held among urban police forces? Suburban kindergarten moms? Government bureaucrats? Welfare state beneficiaries? It is safe to say that most Americans are not stockpiling weapons and ammunition just-in-case they are called upon to fight a revolution against tyranny. We have forgotten our heritage, and the inexorable march towards totalitarianism is well advanced. How many years until a campaign to repeal the 2nd Amendment is seriously proposed? If your plan to keep your guns relies on the 2nd Amendment, you need another plan.

Demographics Is Destiny

More than any other factor, the inevitable death of the RKBA is ensured by the changing demographics of the United States. Three demographic trends are permanently altering the political landscape: third world immigration, the passing of the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers, and the political shift to the left.

Immigration Trends

America has always been a nation of immigrants. In the nineteenth century, most immigrants came from Europe and brought with them the Judeo-Christian ethic. More importantly, early immigrants to the United States assimilated into our distinct American culture and, for the most part, adopted the social morays and cultural affinities of their new homeland. Often these immigrants were escaping totalitarianism, religious oppression, or economic collapse and were eager to become Americans.

Beginning in the late 20th century immigration patterns and attitudes began to change. By design, the majority of immigrants were coming from Central and South America, East Asia, and the Middle East. The top 10 sending countries in 2014/2015 were: Mexico, China, India, Philippines, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Iraq, El Salvador, and Pakistan. To make matters worse, under the banner of multiculturalism, assimilation is now discouraged, or in the case of Muslim communities, opposed.

From Melting Pot to Salad Bowl

The “melting pot” has become a “salad bowl”. The overwhelming majority of these immigrants are politically aligned with the American left and leftist ideology opposed to individual liberty. Rather than being taught about the benefits of individual liberty, they are importing the ideologies that made their home countries such “fantastic” places to live.


Contributing to this demographic change is the passing of the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers, who are now aged 55 to 75. This voting block represented the margin of victory that delivered “conservative” majorities that we now enjoy. However, the next decade will replace half of these voters with a new crop of functional illiterates born around 2008. The resulting shift to the political left will be more than enough to change the balance of power in the U.S. A single statistic courtesy of the Pew Research Center tells the story in 2015: Americans ages 50+ were 76.5% non-Hispanic whites. In the same year children nine years old and under were 50.5% non-Hispanic whites. By 2025, 50% of eligible new voters will be non-Hispanic whites. If the voting patterns of the last 60 years continue into the future, the Democrats will control the Federal government for generations.

The Political Shift Left: Et Tu, Texas?

Much like the American Redoubt, my home state of Texas is a considerable conservative enclave within the United States. With 38 electoral votes, Texas is second only to California in the Electoral College. It is considered by most Americans as Deep Red country, with strong conservative majorities at the Federal and State level. But voting patterns in Texas are changing. Due to legal and illegal immigration, the graying of white America, and the increasing urbanization of the Texas population, it is projected that Texas will be a blue state in 2028. This single demographic shift is sufficient to permanently change the results of Presidential Elections past 2028. If Texas only has a decade remaining, how long until your state is blue?

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