The United States Is In A Time Of Great Danger – It Feels Like A War Is Imminent!

“I see a Red door and I want it painted black…” The Rolling Stones

“Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword” (Revelation 6:3-4).

The gates are being unlocked for the Red horse of war! Of the four horsemen of the Book of Revelation, the apocalyptic profiteers are betting on this one! And, oh, how great the profits will be. As seen in the National Defense Act, the necessary relationship between the military/industrial complex and the Federal Reserve will be lucrative beyond belief!

And for those globalists hedging their bets on destroyed areas of America, starting with California and the West Coast, the money will be easy! Simply put your money down at the Obama-sanctioned (Alinsky-sanctioned) Chicago Mercantile Exchange, patiently await the destroyed infrastructure, then collect your reward!

But the Judases of American infrastructure profits won’t stop there! They’re just getting started! Buy up even more privatized prisons, to boost profits, with American Patriots and Constitutionalists as the imprisoned work force! No benefits to fork out here! Just collect money from an imprisoned, collectivized work force!

Pre-positioned UN troops and foreign police (state and regional police) with Democrat sheriffs standing aside for subjugating federal marshals, coordinating the traitorous LENCO armored Bearcats against civilians, are at the ready! Rothschild (which means “Red Shield”) has always funded Communism and his money will soon fly across America, for Communist red revolutionaries!

“Do You Feel Something Is Wrong With Our Society? Then You Need To Read This …

The devil’s finest trick was to persuade you that he doesn’t exist.

And like Shakespeare’s play-within-a-play, the Red horse gives a nudge to domestic terrorism during war! Islamic State and their bond with the Mexican cartel will arise! North Korean, with the possibility of Chinese and Russian sleepers will arise! Muslim insurrectionists will dawn their black Halloween costumes for Allah, as they behead the remaining Patriotic monuments!

While US troops are inadequate for an effective North Korean ground invasion, the US Super Carrier task force is speeding toward another Pearl Harbor, for the replayed script of the war profiteers!  That is, they have absolutely no defense against Chinese sea skimmer missiles!  The globalists have set the trap!  The only viable options are America’s nuclear-missile submarines and the skies over North Korea as the theater of war!  How quickly will North Korea retaliate?

Whether in direct conflict with Communists in North Korea, or in suburban guerilla warfare with pre-positioned insurrectionists, Americans simply have to help President Trump save America! Determine this!  The Wake Up Call is now for Maximum Preparation and Readiness! The New Deal Satanic Alinsky agenda is “to reduce all to rubble and rebuild.”  The globalists are standing by to rebuild for even greater profits!

Will Americans just let this happen? Will lazy Patriots just give a minimal effort?
For readiness, the hour glass has almost run out! In the absence of your local FEMA rep (that is, local spy) organize your neighbors into groups of three and four (so they can’t be infiltrated) and get ready! There is a Wild Ride just ahead! Let’s make a swift effort of taking the Red door, now opening, and painting it black!  Death to all destroyers of America!

Otherwise, the death of America is at hand. And the greatest betrayer of the children and aging of America will be… You! You!  Do nothing and you will make sure your wife and mother and children will be raped and injured beyond belief! Are we locked and loaded yet?

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  1. As I se it. Those 800 miliion are about as pussy as anything I have seen. Most are me first. That won’t bode well when it comes to standing you ground.

    • I have 40 acres, but no bunker yet. What is the cheapest bunker? An RV (old cheap one), just dig a big hole, then drive it in, and cover the rv? Thank you for your input, if you care to advise me.

  2. It’s not a matter of HOW MANY GUNS people have…It’s a MATTER of HOW ORGANIZED, AND UNIFIED they are…without those two requisites, All of those “rounds” & “guns” are simply individual gifts to the TEAM that takes YOU out!

    IF you DO NOT have a “TEAM” set (“Trained; Educated, Adaptable Mentally”–SET;); do NOT FIGHT, RUN! FIND a GOOD, GOD FEARING TEAM, & MAKE yourself useful,…IF you’ve got a Family, GET yourself ON / WITH a TEAM! NOW!!!

  3. Sorry, but we lost long ago. The fact that a sitting president is powerless before a witch hunt, and absolute criminals and traitors are untouchable by the same, and a populace so divided and evil that they celebrate, and celebrate rainbows and demon trannies in public libraries. We are sodom and gomorrah in tv, movies, music, the internet, and everyday life. We lost long ago.

    • I’ll go one further. If anyone was going to do anything, they would have. We will watch rome burn, with a whimper. And for those who plan to stand, realize they know what you are planning long before you are out there doing. There is a reason the tribulation is the worst time in history. But non of that means bend over!

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