This apocalypse is NOT imminent. It Is Not Near. It Is Absolutely Happening Right HERE AND RIGHT NOW!

AKA Chemtrails/Haarp weather control. Despite the grave imminence of the aforementioned SHTF scenarios, this one is, by far, the most ominously horrible. Because the catastrophe is being created by OUR own Dark State government, and We, The Sheeple, are virtually oblivious to it and do nothing about it.

And because this apocalypse is NOT imminent. It Is Not Near. It Is Absolutely Happening Right HERE AND RIGHT NOW!

Who are the enemy? Answer: All of us. This is about population control. The drought in the midwest has been caused by chemtrails and HAARP. The purpose was to drive a lot of small farmers off their land which has been bought up by giant agribusinesses and planted with Monsanto’s genetically engineered seed that will germinate despite aluminum being sprayed via chemtrails causing a rise in alkalinity of the soil that prevents heirloom seeds from germinating.

It just may become the worst apocalypse humanity as ever seen even ushering in an actual human species extinction! Just look up in the sky? It’s a bird, No, it’s a plane! But it definitely ain’t Superman. More like the Grim Reaper.

I wrote about celebrities like the late Prince and Merle Haggert who were Chemtrail activists, and I was amazed at how many people still thought chemtrails were a conspiracy theory. That’s got to be one of the World’s Greatest Hoaxes continuously perpetrated on the people.

But unauthorized criminally covered up geoengineering and chem-trails are a proven fact. But the dark state government has cleverly kept us “under heavy cloud cover” in the form of target focused brainwashing. And it has gotten much worse lately.

I won’t elaborate now. Combined with the above doom and gloom it might be too depressing for you all at once. But prepare yourself for a life-changing revelation. You’ll learn why the only real global warming is the one intentionally created by the geoengineering totalitarian monsters!

But between HAARP and chemtrails, COINTELPRO is working at full tilt to convince people that the mass animal deaths, extreme weather, increase in earthquakes – in short, all the Earth Changes we’re cataloguing on – are caused by secret government programs. For some of these chemtrail truthers, the screen is so big that if those same folks saw meteors and fireballs in the sky they would probably call them a new type of ‘chemtrail’.

This goes way beyond just explaining away trails/strange clouds in the sky. A whole narrative has been created where chemtrails explain ALL ‘anomalies’ resulting from the Sixth Extinction. Just as the global warming/CO2 emissions narrative was enlarged to explain the extremely cold winters we have been experiencing, chemtrails have become the equivalent catch-all in the community, where a lot of wild speculation is going on – fueled, of coursed, by the Powers That Be.

So-called ‘Solar Radiation Management’ won’t work as it’s supposed to, of course. It takes extraordinary hubris to believe that you possess the technological capabilities of regulating how much sun reaches the planet’s surface. I guess that that’s down to science having been taken over by psychopaths. But also, and much more importantly, getting these stories out there is important to the Powers That Be because people are sitting up and noticing that Something Is Going On.

Whether or not such schemes actually work is besides the point. Just hyping them up reassures people that someone’s doing something to take care of the situation, that Big Brother/Big Government remains in control. Chemtrails give people hope that they can take back the government and right all the wrongs. Believing in AGW is far more attractive of course because it tastes much sweeter and is a lot less paranoid: in this case, the reckoning has been pushed back some 50+ years in the future, by which time water levels might have risen and some coastal cities might have become inundated, thus inviting people to believe that there’s nothing really that urgent going on right now.

Whether you believe in the ‘chemtrails’ disinformation program or the ‘man-made global warming’ disinformation program, the net result of both is the same: neither groups of believers can see that the extraordinary events happening in and around the planet are the result of a natural process that is going to turn our world upside down within the next few years.


The major prep focus for the above events are food and power back up. Each above event in expanded danger could affect these areas tremendously. If you haven’t done so already, you should at least get some of the survival guide books we have here to start planning!

Good Luck, but we all know it ain’t about luck.

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