This Is Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy

I have known this for years, however most people consider it ‘conspiracy’.

What is it?

America’s mainstream media outlets are merely ‘talking puppets’ that propagandize the distributed messaging points from the powers-that-be.

(Watch the video below for evidence)

I cannot tell you how many times that I’ve heard a new talking point or new phrase words that suddenly appear across the spectrum of mainstream news.

Regardless of the source: local news, national news, mainstream news programs, they all start using the new talking point verbatim. A new phrase will pop up all over the country as though some sort of ESP telepathy has occurred.

In reality though, the message has come down from the ‘top floor’ to all of their ‘controlled’ media outlets.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy (to our Republic).

How many times have you observed a new narrative on all the alphabet channel media outlets? To me it’s quite obvious when practically every mainstream news organization starts pedaling a new narrative in unison.

That’s just not ‘normal’ in the sense that a unbiased or neutral ‘press’ would all speak in unison, the same talking points, the same words, the same phrases, the same commentary. What are the odds?

Unfortunately the odds are 100%.

Why? Because corporations are allowed to own multiple media outlets, including “media cross ownership”.

Nearly all of our mainstream news comes from just a few sources – and it’s all distributed down the chain to your local TV news media outlets.

Just as the big internet search corporation (the big G) is too powerful (controlling 80% of everything on the internet), the mainstream news media is (in my estimation) monopolistic of what we see, hear, and read. Just a few people essentially control the narrative for mainstream Americans.

Remember when they started the ‘Fake news’ narrative back in 2016 during the election cycle? Why did they all suddenly start doing that? Because the internet and various alternative news sites have put a major dent into their monopoly. And they don’t like that!

Those few who own nearly all of the national news media outlets are actually themselves ‘extremely dangerous to our democracy’ (Republic).

Why? Because it enables tight control of the messages that we see, hear, and read. That’s not good for democracy.

What are they doing about it? They are shouting ‘fake news’! (I find it amusing how DJT has turned that back in on themselves).

In fact they are attempting to control / limit free speech of others (if that speech does not fit their narrative). Through the big G, Twitter, FB, and YouTube they have clamped down on online viewpoints that don’t fit with their own. It’s happening folks. Those of us in the blogosphere know this. The mainstream public does not.

Today I found a video on Twitter which is a perfect example of the mainstream news media being controlled. I recommend that you watch it:


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