When The Next Great Depression Hits it Will be Unlike Anything we Have Lived Through Before

When The Next Great Depression Hits it Will be Unlike Anything we Have Lived Through Before – No Announcements will be Made, no Warnings Will be Given by the Establishment, it Will Just Suddenly Happen!

Numerous economists and investors are warning of another great financial crisis to come but few people want to listen to them. No crisis is ever exactly like the last one and the next great depression will be different from the last one. In the last depression those who had money were in a good financial position to ride it out but the next depression will see those with fiat money drowning in it as it becomes worthless.

Very few Americans have any significant savings today. Most live on credit and those with savings have it stored in financial instruments that will be wiped out as the bankers collapse the system to hide the theft they have been involved in for decades. Those who think they will retire with their IRA, pensions or social security will suddenly find them all gone never to return leaving them with no means to care for themselves.

The west line has moved to Asia. This means that North America is no longer the shipping center of the world. The consequences of this for Americans will be disastrous. This means our economy in the future will be smaller and slower and will result in a standard of living far below what it currently is.

Those that own very few assets free and clear will become the new homeless as they become jobless and default on all of their credit obligations. All of the social safety nets that exist now to keep people fat and happy will fail leaving mobs of people to roam the streets to seek out what they need to survive. One only has to look at Venezuela today to see where this will all lead.

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The basic minimum wage in Venezuela today is $7 dollars a month. Not a day or a week but a month. Those that hold local currency see it devalue on a daily basis making things increasingly worse as time goes on. Had any of these people stored some of their wealth in gold they would have the ability to live a little easier as the economy collapses. One ounce of gold in the hands of a Venezuelan today would last them for years. This is a lesson we all need to heed.

Simply storing some of your wealth in gold and silver is no cure all but it is part of a bigger strategy to insure you do not have to suffer as many will in the coming years due to their blind faith in their belief the government will care for them. Keep in mind that the government is actually controlled by the same people that will destroy your standard of living so why would they care about your suffering.

Understanding what will likely happen and insuring you have a plan to deal with it is the only hope you will have of coming through the coming bad years in tact. Those who trust in government or only live for today will reap what they sow and it will be unpleasant at best if they survive at all. A simple strategy to insure you do not suffer does not have to be expensive or complicated. The best plans are simple and allow you to adapt to the changing times. If you invest in a simple, inexpensive plan and the world somehow goes on as normal, you will not be any worse for the investment but if things takes an unexpected turn and your plan becomes necessary, it will allow you to survive the crisis much better than the bulk of the population.

The strategy I outlined in The American Dream Lost is a basic plan that will work for just about anyone but is mainly designed for those that have only a few thousand dollars to draw on in an emergency. That is to say it is designed for the majority of Americans that have little money. It is important to understand that a plan of this type is an insurance policy against bad times that can do great harm to you and your family and needs to be understood in that light.

One of the worst problems people have is that when something bad begins to happen they attempt to continue living as they always have and ignore the future consequences until it is too late to do anything meaningful about it. If a person loses their job they continue to live as they always have using up their small savings in the hope that things will change for the better before they run out of money. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose, it depends on how lucky they are. This type of mentality often leads people to the point where they run out of money and only then do they try to come up with a plan. The problem is, by then they have no resources left to enact a plan with. This is what you need to avoid.

When your economic situation suddenly changes for the worse you need to immediately sit down and determine what the future is likely to look like. It is good to be optimistic but if the chances of finding a new job are not very good you need to decide how best to use what resources you have to maintain a decent living standard. You may have to make some very difficult choices but the option of doing nothing could be very harmful in the long run. For those that decide radical steps may be needed to continue caring for their family the following list is a good place to start.

Buy a years supply of basic foods and supplies that store easily
Buy some durable clothing for future use
Buy an older vehicle for cash that can pull a trailer
Buy a good used camper trailer for cash that can house your family
Buy a weapon and ammo for protection and hunting purposes
Buy a few rolls of silver coins to preserve wealth and act as an emergency fund

What this gives you is the ability to continue caring for your family even in the worst of situations if everything is lost to creditors. They will have food, shelter, clothing, transportation, security and the ability to buy critical items that are needed at some future time. Convincing your family they have to move to a camper for a while would not be easy but the alternative of being homeless would make it an easy choice. The fact that thousands of people all across America are at this very moment living in tents near large population centers is proof enough it can happen.

Depending on your shopping skills all of these things can be secured for under $5,000 dollars and much less if you have time to look for bargains. Your plan may be slightly different depending on the resources and skills you have. You may have access to a small piece of land you own somewhere that a cabin can be built on or you may have the skills to retrofit a van body truck or enclosed trailer for living in. In situations like this skills are worth as much as gold coins.

When the next great depression hits it will be unlike anything we have lived through before. Nothing will be as it seems and only those that have the resources to adapt will come through it whole. Preparation is the key to adapting to future events and those without resources will reap a bitter harvest as they struggle to survive. No announcements will be made, no warnings will be given by the establishment, it will just suddenly happen out of the blue and everyone will say it was unpredictable. But those who prepared will know better.

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  1. I know when it will happen too. Right when the USA uterly destroys Damascus then God rebukes those that destroyed the city overnight. It’s in Isaiah 17. How far along is that? Not long at all since I keep reading reports on equipment in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey in Syria and Iraq. The clock is ticking down. I used twitter to let my Sen and Rep Congress know the danger the military is in but I don’t know if I was shadow band. I let the Capital Bible Study minister know too and I hope he let’s them know in the Administration, I pray for God to get President Trump out of the danger, but the equipment keeps arriving. God will be glorified out of this. We will get everything we deserve if we let this happen.

  2. The elite will crash the world economy and I will refuse to move or give up my home due to them.I will fight them all the way…

  3. I totally understand to get out of debt… BUT if the economy crashes and all is lost for 95%… Who is going to come knocking and repo ? Who in their right mind would want that job??
    If SS, Pensions, 401k and IRA are stolen… 99% will be out on the streets… Many mad folks hanging on to what they have…Paid for or not… When you take all a person has…..

  4. I been trying to prep as best we can. I have a few recomendations. Ya gotta get a piece of dirt somewhere out of the city as a minimum with water. If ya got no water then ya gots nothin! Get knowlege first, get seed by the pound and fertilzers,. Ifin ya can get chickens and feed as there is your fertilizer. Band together with some people u KNOW WELL………….TIMES WILL BE HARD AND tempers flare……..
    Also dont focus on doom and gloom……its life and embrace it as best u can. Read the TRUMP PROPHECIES as that well may be the way it could happen or not happen. Dont do things for a single purpose……always with the eye for a multitude of uses for each item or plan. I always wanted 40 acres in the woods but finally settled for 30. It take work, lots of work and more work and eats more money then you will ever have as develping a property takes much effort over a long space of time. Look to the vids on youtube for homesteading or preppers……..some junk and some great stuff. REMEMBER, YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS.

  5. The Federal Communications Commission has already shut off our present day technology to bring 5 G microwave transmission and reception. I have 2010 3 g global hotspot. It measures 3 g signal turns green. No 3 G has for past two weeks been red. I also, have 4 G Verizon global hotspot. I tried enabled a message 4G is unavailable. Next, I have 2G candy bar Nokia cellphone, which has minutes on it. No bars,on the cellphone and no network coverage. 2G, 3G, and 4 G are in dead zone. That’s reason people are all worked up with emotion,about events of the day.

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