You Have Been Brought Into To A World Of Complete Insanity

We are all marching to the tune of the owners. They want all this turmoil. They want everyone dependent on government for everything. So you thought you were paying for retirement insurance when you contributed to Social Security? HA! joke’s on you! You were paying a tax on your labor that was then used by your trustworthy representatives to fund more programs designed to make you dependent. There is no SS trust fund, it doesn’t exist. Too bad. Maybe you’ll get some of that back, maybe not, HA!

You think you deserve free health care? Nothing is free, Jack. Someone is paying for it. And that someone is you, except not in the way you think. You are paying for it with your freedom, which doesn’t seem to be held in high regard these days. Freedom go to HELL! I want my stuff!!!!

Why aren’t we asking why the Hell is health care so expensive? Why aren’t we asking why it is any of our business trying make other countries do our bidding? Why aren’t we asking why are we are using a private scrip called the federal reserve note instead of our own money? Why aren’t we asking how a private boy’s club called the Bar Association was able to take over our judicial system without legislative authority? Why aren’t we asking how it came to be that a completely new jurisdiction called “Statutory” has replaced the common law? We aren’t we asking how it is our so called public servants see us as cattle to be herded around and poked, prodded, branded, licensed, taxed, fee-d and tracked and, yes, killed when ever one of the cattle tries to jump the fence? Why have we been given pieces of paper with a thing that looks like our name on it and then tricked into pledging ourselves as surety for the crimes of that paper? Why are we demanding dependence on government? Yes, folks, that is what you are doing when you demand SS, or health care, or subsidies or anything else the government offers you. There are always strings attached, always.

Why is this so hard to understand? Why can’t we see we have been maliciously taken over by corporations? All government in this country, and pretty much the whole world is corporate. Just go to and enter UNITED STATES and see what you will find. Corporations are not inherently bad so long as they stick to the terms of the contract. But they haven’t. Now they trick you into contracting with them, thus binding you to the terms of their contract!

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Don’t you see? This thing called globalism is nothing more than corporate feudalism. It is a method of control. They use ideologies like socialism, communism, fascism, democracy and a host other isms to lure you in. You think you’re embracing a genuine social philosophy that will magically make the world a better place. But what you have really done is buy into a system of control. They count on your ignorance of history and philosophy to get you into their trap. They want to control you and you have given them what they want!

We, as a herd, have bought into the idea that we have superiors, just other men and women, who can fix what ails us. We think these people are magically endowed with super human powers to right the wrongs of the world. We acquiesce to their demands for more power so they can fix things and all we have really done is give them more power over us! They did this by keeping us arguing over who gets to use what bathroom while they rape children in the next stall! They have us feuding over something as silly skin color! They’ve got us at each others throats over whether it’s a good idea to flood our country with people from other cultures who aren’t really sure they like what we have to offer, but at least they’re not getting bombed into oblivion, which, by the way, is what we are doing to them. We have created our own Hell with our hubris. Is it really wise to invite the fox into the hen house? Yes, there is no such thing as an illegal man or women, but there IS such a thing as irreconcilable cultural differences and to encourage opposing cultures to mingle is suicide. Birds of feather flock together is true. It is the way of the world and if you don’t like that you are in denial of the basic facts of life. Perhaps you should find another planet where things are different. It’s like being mad a gravity for keeping you on the ground!

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Ladies and gentlemen, left and right, green and blue and tall and short, you have been hoodwinked. You have been lured into the fantasy world of people who think they are your betters. They have created a world of absurdity. It’s a world that regards you as a commodity. Human resource, anyone? Is this what you want? It’s a world that has reduced you to a piece of paper and then trades it on the market for its own profit. They have replaced money of substance with fake paper so that you can never really pay for anything and then claimed ownership of all that was purchased with their fake money. They have put you up as collateral for their debts and then they make you pay for it! They have entered you into contracts you weren’t even aware of then held you to the terms of those fake contracts as if you knowingly and willingly entered into those contracts. Think: driver license, marriage license, business license, income tax, social security tax, Obamacare, voter registration, “vehicle” registration, on and on. These are all contracts to them, even if you didn’t know what you were doing when you appliedfor them. In fact, they lied to you when they told you you had to apply for them in the first place! The master doesn’t apply to the servant for anything! Get that …

The master doesn’t apply to the servant for anything.

Yes, globalism is madness. Whether you consider yourself left or right, black or blue, up or down, inside or out, you have been sold a bill of goods. Rotten goods. FAKE goods. You have been brought into to a world of complete insanity. You never saw it coming and now you regard it as, well, just the way it is. What can I do about it? I’ll tell you what you can do about it. Just say NO! Reject it. Gird up your loins and walk away from it. and most of all …

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The devil’s finest trick was to persuade you that he doesn’t exist.


  1. Who enables this garbage? The ACLU, ADL, SPLC . …. ALL Jewish controlled “civil rights” groups working to undermine Western Christianity
    Now I want to see Trump’s tax returns ….. After bragging he was too rich to be bribed and funding his own campaign ….. he is “INDEBTED” to a filthy Jew Adelson?!!!!
    I have lost all respect and have no use for P.O.S. Trump he is a retard who got through life by bullying everyone …. Not only that, Mister “Art of the Deal” who claims every other treaty we have is a “rotten deal” …. What did Mr. Negotiator GET for groveling to his Owners? Will Adelson order all the Jewish politicians that have been blocking the Wall and forcing Invaders onto Us to STOP?!? Will America finally cut off the $5+BILLION WELFARE CHECKS ? Israel has been collecting WELFARE from America for SEVEN DECADES, did Drumpf stop that !?
    I believe Trump will spin on a dime and betray every promise about Guns and immigration ……
    Trump betrayed America AND Christ in Jerusalem, and is betraying the Middle Class with FAKE tax cuts … How long before Trump betrays America for the Jewish Kalgeri Plan and flings open Our borders.

  2. Globalism is the biggest transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations in the history of the world. The super-rich are robbing the younger generations and generations yet to come of their future happiness just so they rich can take advantage of the cheap manufacturing labor in poor countries….One of the outcomes is that young people are turning to socialism, since capitalism holds no advantage for them. Why are millennials turning to socialism? The kids are embracing socialism or even communism because they feel that the deck is stacked against them and their success. This was the same level of frustration that pushed the younger generations of European Jews, Russians, & Germans into socialism starting about 1880-1890. Look at what happened next. When any civilization comes to the point that young people cannot find work, buy a house, afford an apartment, afford an education, or start a family, there is going to be this sort of trouble. The super-rich exported jobs and manufacturing to China, Mexico, and the other brics countries so they could take advantage of all that cheap labor. What an irony if the people rise up and take their wealth away as an answer to the rich investor/owner class taking away the wealth of whole generations. The tax bill in process right now is one more example of the super-rich robbing the middle class. The only real winners in the Republicans’ tax laws are corporations and the super-rich that own them. You really can go too far, Republicans & super-rich, so beware…

  3. Amen to all of that! I’ve been walking away from that system for about 15 years now, but the divorce was final in November 2016. It’s so “in your face” now that I can hardly believe the boldness. I’m physically sickened every time I witness someone still willingly clinging to their tapestry of lies in exchange for monetary gain. It’s an unholy union that I want no part of.

    Thank you for putting into words so succinctly what every man, woman, and child in America needs to come to grips with.

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